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1st FISAD award International Festival of Schools of Art and Design

Mars design team will represent with 2 projects ISIA firenze at Fisad that this years chosed this themeBuilding a new world: this is a broad-ranging yet not generic theme. The need for new waysof coexisting, understanding, studying, acting, evaluating is in fact particularly felt by the new generations and it engages the creatives of the planet in all possible fields.The Presented projects are CR-BR and ProTouch Glove, innovative devices for Earth and Space

First Lego League

Mars To Earth Award Winner

the winner of the "Mars to Earth Award" 2018, the competition organized by Mars Society, an international non-profit association that aims to promote human exploration and the colonization of Mars, has been assigned to a group of ISIA Firenze students of the first year of the product specialist, coordinated by prof.ssa Francesca Parotti, who presented "PressGlove"